Sunday, September 4, 2011

Clay Aiken - Hello World

We interrupt this Clay Aiken blog for a special message.

Hello world. My name is Piper Adele and I have not yet entered this world - I'm still growing. At this point, no one knows my future - if I will be born as a typically developing child or a child with special needs. My hope is, however I am born, that I am born into a world that is caring and accepting of all people, regardless of their abilities.

This is why I'm reaching out from the womb and asking you to please vote for I Am Norm during the month of September in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge.

I Am Norm's Mission Statement is:

We are united in our commitment to a world where people of various abilities have equal opportunities. We believe that diversity makes us stronger and that discrimination breaks us down. We know that hatred is a learned behavior and that we can all strive to rise above fear and prejudice. We understand firsthand what we gain when everyone is included in our schools and our communities and how much we lose when anyone is left out. If you want to join us, click here

With the help of many sponsors - The National Inclusion Project, Including Samuel, Mitsubishi Electric Foundation and The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation - I Am Norm is an effort led by youth to benefit youth. While the mission may be to impact the youth of this country (and in November I will be included in that mix), their dream would seep into the fabric of our society, helping to break down walls, to promote inclusion and diversity.

Please, if you have just a couple of minutes every day, help I Am Norm into the Top 10 - voting continues every day until the end of September.

(now back to your regularly scheduled programming - whatever and whenever that may be)


stargazer said...

Ahhh, lovely blog with an amazing message.

musicfan said...

Wonderful blog, Sue!!

Piper is lucky to have such a wonderful Grandmother!!

I hope we can all support I am Norm. It is a wonderful organization!!

queenmama247 said...

Awesome blog! Piper is working to spread the word and she isn't even here yet.

claysweetea said...

What a wonderful blog and such a cutie Piper is! Thanks!

katy said...

Lovely message and congrats on your beautiful upcoming event!

Carolina Clay said...


Piper Adele's heart is in the right place as she encourages support for I Am Norm/National Inclusion Project even before she is born.

WTG, Piper and your Grandma Sue! I hope lots of people read your blog and support this organization.


Rhode Island Fan said...

What a beautiful baby and a beautiful blog. Have been voting every day for "I Am Norm".