Monday, July 4, 2011

Clay Aiken and Lover All Alone

I have edited this blog about 20 times - first starting out about Clay Aiken and David Foster penning the poignant Lover All Alone - scratch that. Then I started typing about Clay Aiken, the activist - everything from National Inclusion Project to UNICEF, and how admirable I found it that he went into countries, like Uganda and Somalia, that would imprison or kill him for simply being who he is - scratch that.

So let's just get down to brass tacks.

In 2010 a rash of LGBT suicides brought the harassment of LGBT youth to the forefront of the American consciousness. The statistics are staggering the pain unacceptable. As reported on (and I recommend you please click on this link for additional information) Youth Pride Inc.

"And on my own it’s hard to tell my heart
it will be all right
This love it holds, will one day find a home."
26% of gay youth are forced to leave home because of conflicts with their families over their sexual identities. (Remafedi, G. (1987). Homosexuality: the adolescent’s perspective. Pediatrics, 79, 326-330.)

"But a lonesome tomorrow comes anyway
I’m alone for another day. Another day."

36.5 % of GLB youth grades 9-12 have attempted suicide. 20.5% of those attempts resulting in medical care. (Robin, L., Brener, N.D., Donahue, S.F., Hack, T., Hale, K., Goodenow, C. (2002). Associations between health risk behaviors and opposite-, same-, and both-sex sexual partners in representative samples of Vermont and Massachusetts high school students. Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, 156(4): pp. 349-55.)

"For all I know the feeling and the picture
That I’ve tried so hard to find isn’t mine.
Could be it’s all just a waiting game
Wanna share my everything."
84% of LGBT students report being verbally harassed (name calling, threats, etc.) because of their sexual orientation.

I hate breaking human beings down to statistics, but sometimes - in order to see the full picture it is a necessity.

For additional information, resources and help visit:

GLSEN: Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network

It Gets Better Project

The Trevor Project


Anonymous said...

Very powerful. The music is perfect.

Anonymous said...

awesome video with a powerful message

jbc4clay said...

Those statistics are staggering.
Thank you for bringing the to the forefront.

stargazer said...

Seeing the statistics of this issue is bad enough but when partnered with such an intense video, the reality of it all is heartbreaking.

queenmama247 said...

The statistics are mind boggling. This message needs to be out there.

joanie said...

What a moving video, SueReu. I hope it gets the attention of millions of people.

I long for the day when we don't have to put people in a "Community" and everyone practices the true meaning of inclusion.

Deborah Brand said...

The video was good. I hope it will help youth find help.

chel4clay said...

The statistics are staggering and such a powerful video. This one really needs to be a permanent part of the "It gets Better" and Trevor Project". Very well done SueRue.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful video,so moving.
The title and words of the song are so moving and so very powerful. SueReu, again what a job well done. Hope this videos can be seen by all. What true meaning it has.

Carolina Clay said...


Thank you for a wonderful blog and montage on such an important subject. The LGBT facts and figures are matched by your powerful treatment of the accompanying "Lover All Alone" sung by Clay Aiken.

Here's to a brighter future. LGBT youth, you are not alone!