Friday, June 19, 2009

Clay Aiken and All that Jazz

It's been quite a week for Clay Aiken! Looking Geeky Sexy (A Guy Named Brian) in New York (Just Jared), negotiating book deals and preparing for his very first Father's Day!!!

I could recap all things Clay Aiken on this blog, but why? Here's links to four sites that are dedicated to All Things Clay:

Clay Aiken News Network

Clay Aiken - The Ideal Idol

Ashes - Clay Aiken The Man

Carolina On My Mind

oh, and I want to draw your attention to a particular article on Clay Aiken - The Ideal Idol - Father's Day - The First for Clay Aiken (have your Kleenex ready)

and just one more little item. A blend that I did honoring Clay and his gorgeous son, Parker Foster Aiken - he looks so much like his daddy!!!



musicfan said...

Happy Father's Day to Clay Aiken.

The picture of Clay and his son is amazing. Thank you for putting it together.

Yes, its been a great week for Clay!! I hope we hear more from him soon.

Truth Rules said...

Great blog.

katy said...

How darling is that little guy of Clay Aiken's?? I second that Happy Father's Day Clay!!!

claniac24 said...

Terrific blog, sending your readers to these three great articles. And the blend--just precious! BOTH of them!

lulu said...

Thanks for the links and the blog about Clay Aiken and Parker on this first Father's Day!!

Ashes said...

awe, gotta love the sweetest Daddy Clay Aiken and son evva! (okay so I'm biased right now, LOL)

Wonderful blog, thank you Sue :)

fgs said...

Cute picture of Clay and Parker. Thanks for all the links, I will check them all out.

Carolina Clay said...


Not only does your blog honor Clay Aiken on his first Father's Day but it also provides the latest CA news links. The closing blend is very special.

Thank you for your kind comments in the Carolina blog. Have a wonderful weekend!


clayam said...

Hope to hear more about the new book by Clay Aiken soon.
Love the pictures of Clay and his son.

IamMesmerized said...

I want to join you all in wishing Clay a very Happy Father's Day. What a special day this must be for him!

Sue, your blend is absolutely gorgeous ... but then how can it not be with such gorgeous subjects.

Thanks for all you do.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links and the information, I always enjoy reading here. This is a really nice blog.

Dolly said...

Great blog...those Aiken guys are adorable.

gerra said...

I love geeky sexy Clay Aiken. Happy Fathers Day, Clay.

CLM said...

Thanks for the blog Sue. I love our geeky sexy guy.

jbc4clay said...

Yep, busy man, he is.

Happy Father's Day Clay!!

Barbara said...

Thanks for this wonderful blog!

I bet Clay had a special and happy day with his cute, little guy, Parker. He must be a proud daddy.

Love and hugs,