Friday, June 5, 2009

Clay Aiken, Adam Lambert and Fan Wars

There seems to be some very nasty people on the Internet who are trying to drum up a fan war between the fans of Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert. pfffffffftttt - been there, done that, got the t-shirt. One of the odd (and sometimes scary) byproducts of American Idol is fan devotion. I've never really seen anything like it. The fans tend to be, shall we say, a little emotional when it comes to their favorite.

The latest brouhaha surrounds a gossip item on MSNBC. This item was posted by someone who has a less than stellar reputation (rightfully earned) and has now grown beyond a more than likely untrue story to a conspiracy brewing - pitting one fan base against another.

I understand that sometimes it's very difficult to look at things logically when emotions are running high, but let's try anyway.

There is information on the Internet stating that the "Claymates" planted a story about Adam Lambert to make him look bad. This was supposedly confirmed by Television Without Pity (TWOP). Let's take it one step at a time.

Could this story have been planted by a fan Clay Aiken? Absolutely - it could have also been planted by a fan of Kelly Clarkson or a fan of Kris Allen or a fan of Chris Daughtry or even a fan of Gene Simmons. Is there a Claymate conspiracy to take Adam Lambert down? I can tell you unequivocally the answer is no. There is no conspiracy, there is no organized effort on the part of Clay Aiken's fans to harm Adam Lambert's reputation in any way shape or form.

Look at it this way, when Clay made his "colorful" comment about Ring of Fire, there were several Lambert fans who were posting in the comment section of numerous articles threatening to put a bullet through Clay's brain. Does this mean that there's a conspiracy by the Adam Lambert fans to do bodily harm to Clay Aiken? Absolutely not. It means that there's some wackos in this world.

According to the people spreading this load of sh...., um story, the individual has been traced by TWOP and they have confirmed that it came from their board and the person is a "Claymate". Really? Exactly how can TWOP track exactly what an individual is doing once they have left their site? Well they can't. Once an individual poster has left their site they can't "see" what they're doing - they can't see if they are commenting on something, they can't see if they're sending an e-mail, they can't see if they're talking on the phone, they can't see if they're sending someone a PM, they can't see where they are on the Internet. What they COULD see is where the person went once they left their site and ONLY if they left via a link that had been posted on the board (like a link to MSNBC) and then ONLY if they have tracking software.

Actually, if I were the owner of TWOP I would be none to happy to be brought into this. Not only are they being accused of spying on the people who post on their board, but they're also being accused of providing their poster's private Internet browsing history to third parties. And if any of this is true, I would be gone from TWOP in a heartbeat.


Shyeyewitness said...

Very Interesting, and so sad.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have a TWOP account and post sometimes, and it is a message board, not CIA tracking software. What kind of an idiot would come up with something so stupid?

jbc4clay said...

Great blog SueReu,
It is amazing that people actually think that the Claymates would have that much power to have MSNBC write an article like that. Amazing, or should I say stupid.
The last thing the fans of Clay Aiken or the fans of Adam Lambert need or want is a fan war. That would be very sad.

Pat said...

Wow! Nice informative article.

And, jeez!!!! Whomever is responsible for this attempt at a fan war between Clay Aiken fans and Adam Lambert fans really needs to get a real life.

We may not all be fans of the same singer, but both of these guys are talented and both will appeal to a variety of fans.

There's room for both of them in the music scene, and there is absolutely no reason to think that we can't all just enjoy the one we like the most.

I hope the Adam fans can learn a lesson from the Clay fans - because we learned the hard way - that there are all kinds of wierdos 'out there' on the internet who just love to stir up trouble.

Best thing to do is simply ignore them. And enjoy our respective fandoms.

Here's to a long and successful career for both of these guys. They both deserve it.

musicfan said...

SueReu........Thank you for posting this great information. Its too bad that someone thinks that a fan war would be good publicity. That's pretty lame.

I think its time for all the fans to back off and look at things logically.

You did a great job of getting the true facts out there. Thanks for taking the time to do this!!

Dolly said...

So the Clay Aiken stalker is at it again..does he have his sights on Adam Lambert now...beware!

Carolina Clay said...


Thank you for the explanation. The AL fans should understand that Clay Aiken's supporters learned some tough lessons in the early days of his career. They are getting a reputation for being crazier than "Claymates."

The music industry is so much larger than two American Idol finalists. There is more than enough room for both and all their fans.

Again, thnx for the info!


kit said...

Yes, Dolly, Clay's pathetic stalker IS at it again...and again, and again. I truly hope that Amam's fans don't fall for this lunatic's shenanigan's. The last thing we Claymates want is a fan war. And many of us are also Adam fans. It's ridiculous what this NUTSO STALKER has put us all through. Hopefully, Adam's fans will recognize him for what he is, and avoid him like the plague.

Anonymous said...

You neglect to mention that fans don't get to just request that a nasty story be printed about a celebrity and have a reporter comply. The whole premise is utterly ridiculous.

PaulaBear said...

Thanks for the informative and timely blog, sue! These made up fan wars between the fans of Clay Aiken and whomever else are tiresome. We're too busy keeping up with Clay to worry about what any other AI contestant is doing! Good luck to Adam, Kris and all the other idols. I've already chosen my idol...they can have their's! It's time for the scary, creepy stalker to move on. He's become so predicatable and well known as an unreliable source of anything.

Chardonnay said...

How ridiculous. I have no idea why there should be a war. Just support the one of your choosing. Or both. And then listen to their music and dance.

Seriously, why does everything always have to be so serious?

SueReu said...

I always wondered why everything has to be a conspiracy and there's some sort of evil a foot. Makes no sense whatsoever to me. Just like the MSNBC blurb about Adam Lambert was gossip, innuendo and unsubstantiated, so is this silly accusation about Clay Aiken's fans.

just enjoy who you enjoy and stop the silliness. The ONLY people who benefit from a "Fan War" is the record label. Hummmmm......

Ashes said...

A very interesting read, SueReu.
It wouldn't surprise me if a lot of the 'war' plants were by people that don't really care about any celebrity, but love the commotion the post creates.
Wackos get a charge out of the oddest things!

kielbasa said...

The ONLY people who benefit from a "Fan War" is the record label. Hummmmm......


Well aren't you the smart girl. *smooch*

This is a great blog, Sooooz!

The dipsh*ts from that nefarious AI machine are ultimately responsible for creating these "fan wars" by encouraging the millions and millions of votes every season, so Mecrest can announce the "record number of votes" on every show. My God, they just love that! Then, those who are caught up in the voting frenzy feel an alliance with their Idol - as in: "I voted for him/her so much my knuckles are bleeding but I WUV him/her SO much, and the guy/girl he/she is competing against really sux!"

When Clay said, "It's NOT a COM-pe-TITION!", little did he know that some fans simply cannot just enjoy their favorite Idol and leave the others alone. For whatever reason, their favorite Idol must be the BEST, at all costs, even if CDs from other Idols must be tampered with or hidden in Sporting Goods at local retail stores.

And then, of course, there's that whole pathetic stalker thing. What IS it with him, anyway? His "life" is such a sad one.

There are many talented performers who've come from AI, and I enjoy quite a few of them. My favorite, though, is Clay Aiken. If you don't happen to agree, just move along, 'k? Simple, really.

CLM said...

Fan's so sad. What is really sad is continual lies and innuendo being taken for truths. The internet has gotten out of hand. It really is sad that haters and stalkers can be so mean. It really is sad that there actually ARE haters and stalkers for any celeb.

SueReu said...

((( Kielbasa ))) YOU GO GIRL!!! you are sooooooooooooo right!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems that Clay's stalker, John Paulus of Morrisville, NC, is acting true to form and escalating right on cue. He's upset because a blogger named Brian referred to him as a crazy stalker. Clay Aiken himself has referred to stalker Paulus as a nutso stalker. Reed Kelly, Clay's boyfriend of almost 2 years, has called stalker Paulus a creepy stalker. Stalker Paulus is so jealous that he tried to friend Reed on his myspace in order to gain Reed's trust so that he could plant stories about Clay's alleged online hook-ups. Yet it seems that only Paulus was aware of these hook-ups. Makes one wonder who exactly is attempting to hook up and then blaming it on someone else. Creepy stalker, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Great blog actually telling the truth with facts to back it up. Too bad other bloggers and so-called news items can't do the same. Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert both have a bright future ahead of them.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Paulus is trolling the gay sites pretending to be Clay and even getting a vicarious thrill out of it. He comes across as a mentally unstable middle-aged narcissist trying to relive his youth and greatly embellishing his appeal.

IamMesmerized said...

Wonderful article, Sue, as always.

It really is a sad state of affairs and I am inclined to think there is someone behind all this and trying to blame us.

After all we went through after AI2, what Clay fan in their right mind would want to go through all this six years later?

People can be fans of Clay, Adam, Kris, Kelly, Danny or whoever. Putting down one doesn't make the other one better. The sooner that the so called journalists and twitterers, and so on and so on, finalize realize this, hopefully we can all just enjoy our fandoms and leave the others alone.

Thank you. :)

deyabird said...

Stalker is trying to cause problems for Clay with this crap about Claymates planting stories about Adam. If Claymates had the power to get a story of their choosing on MSNBC, it would have been used for good to help Clay instead of bad to hurt someone most of us don't give two thoughts for.

katy said...

Great blog suereu! Clay fans have learned how certain people with an agenda can create fiction and pass it off as the truth. I've tried to warn Adam fans on blogs to really try to avoid the fan wars as they're usually started by these agenda driven creeps.

Anonymous said...

Clay Aiken's crazy creepy stalker of 3 years is a delusional, little man in his 40's who had a failed porn career and now sits in front of his computer screen most of every day and night making up stories about Clay and trying to ruin him. He is obsessed with Clay and now is interested in Adam. Stay far away, very far. There is a reason Clay has security.

Anonymous said...

Great blog Sue! Anyone with half a brain knows there is no Claymate plot to bring Lambert down. Many of Clay's fans are sick and tired of seeing Lambert praised on a Clay Aiken fanboard, and rightfully so.

Many of the fans were hoping the creepy stalker would find a new love in Lambert, but he can't give up his obsession with Clay.

What a pitiful excuse for a human being.

bailey33 said...

Creepy STALKER has been smearing Clay Aiken's name and the Claymates for 3 1/2 years. There's not any doubt STALKER created this story based on fiction, not fact. I feel sorry for any Adam fans you get sucked into this story--but they are vulnerable now and STALKER is striking with the iron is hot. I hope Adam fans are smart enough to see what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this informative blog. It's really amazing and pathetic that someone would go to such lengths to keep causing trouble for Clay Aiken. The sicko stalker needs to get a real life and leave Clay alone.

katy said...

Thanks for the blog about creepy nutso stalker and how he needs to be stamped out with truth. Also here is a link to further educate those who don't know this: