Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Believe in Zero - 12 Days of UNICEF

So what does this blog have to do with Clay Aiken? Everything. It encompasses his heart and the pledge he made many years ago to use his new found celebrity to educate and bring some good into this world. He has succeeded ten fold - whether as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, The Bubel/Aiken Foundation or Broadway Cares. We have been blessed with his beautiful voice - not just singing, but bringing to light the needs of children both near and far.

25,000 Children die every day of preventable causes. 25,000 Children Every Day - those words have been echoing through my mind for several days. It boggles the mind - 25,000 Children from preventable causes. For example, Mosquito-borne malaria is the biggest single killer of children in Africa, where a child dies from malaria every 30 seconds. A simple mosquito net can decrease infection rates by 50 percent.

YOU can help (yes YOU!!) for $17.79 YOU can provide three mosquito nets treated with long-lasting insect repellent to protect children from mosquitoes and other biting insects. The simple provision of mosquito nets, together with UNICEF awareness campaigns, can really save lives and so can you!

As tight as things are for me right now, I am so thankful for everything that I am blessed to have - a roof over my head, health, my children growing, going to school, safe from war, disease and unimaginable poverty.

So now down to the nitty gritty. UNICEF has a new campaign, which began yesterday - 12 Days of UNICEF

"12 Days of UNICEF," a blogging campaign to encourage Americans to give back this holiday season with Inspired Gifts. Beginning December 19 and running through December 31, UNICEF celebrity Ambassadors and Supporters, including Lucy Liu and Clay Aiken, will post daily blogs on the UNICEF website about Inspired Gifts and their impact on children around the world.
To check out the field notes, go to:

UNICEF Field Notes

Need to know more? Here's the FAQs (and nothing but the FAQs)!!!!

UNICEF Inspired Gifts FAQ

Now no excuses, here's the link to

Start Shopping!!!!


Carolina Clay said...


Awesome blog! I hope everyone sees your montage, which really helps tell the story.

Thank you for your kind remarks in the Carolina blog. It's kind of lonesome in the Clay Blogs these days.

Happy Holidays!


Carolina Clay said...


Many thnx for your kind remarks in the Sardi's blog and throughout the year.

I think Clay is going to sing MCWL all the way down the page into Janary in several blogs, mine included, LOL!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


P.S. The Raleigh Handbell Ringers are currently on my PBS station. *g*

kim said...


GREAT blog but methinks we need a new Clay Aiken blog from you soon! *g*

gerra said...

How did I miss this before? Great blog.