Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Clay Aiken Holiday Card

Clay Aiken wishes you Merry Christmas with Love!


jbc4clay said...

Wonderful Card.

Merry Christmas to you!

Carolina Clay said...


Thank you for sharing the beautiful Clay Aiken holiday card. It wouldn't be Christmas without that voice.

Also, thank you for the very special montage set to "Celebrate Me Home."


Ashes said...

Merry Christmas with Love to you :) A beautiful song from a beautiful voice.

Thanks for your visits Sue!

Hugs, Ashes

Ashes said...

Hi SueReu,
Try as I might, I cannot see a comment link for your new entry of the 20th!

I'll leave a "wonderful blog", "Clay is a special man", and a big "Thank You" to you..here!

Until later,
hugs, Ashes