Saturday, March 8, 2008

Pre-Clay (at least what I can remember)

I, Sue, am a Clay Aiken Fan and proud of it. But there was a life before Clay (although it's getting more and more difficult to remember). In my mind (and I believe my husband would agree), I am not a "stereotypical" Clay Aiken fan. Unfortunately, the media has grasped a certain demographic and, like a pit bull, won't let go. It also doesn't help that certain bloggers perpetuate the lies.

I'm going to go ahead and skip the VERY early years, other to say that by the age of nine I was 5'11" tall - taller than everyone in my school except the principal. That's tough on a kid and I'm sure that you can imagine the ridicule that followed.

Let's fast forward to my late teens/early 20s. Someone said that punk rock was invented so that "ugly" girls could be popular (I wish I could give credit, but google has let me down!!!).

Looking back, I don't think that I was ugly, but I did lack self esteem in a big way. I found punk, found a look that I could hide behind. I was extremely skinny, so the style was something that looked good on me. The make-up was thick and heavy, almost like a mask. And then there was the music - I did LOVE the music! I loved that in a time of banal pop and hair bands, there was music that could be funny and also socially relevant.

I have partied with the Ramones in my basement. They were nice guys and I miss them. I dated someone who was Courtney Love's "object of affection" before she met Curt Cobain. I've had the time of my life in the mosh pits. I had purple hair, with streaks of every color. I have tattoos (gasp), but none that I can't hide (whew!!!!).

During this time I worked in law offices as a legal secretary, worked for an accountant and finally worked for a large insurance broker (where I still work). They all hired me the way that I was, basing their decision on my skills rather than outside appearances. It's a shame that society seems to have pulled away from this simple concept and that too much emphasis is put on perceptions rather than substance.

I have been blessed. I met my husband while he was lead singer in a band. We will be married 24 years this month. I have two beautiful children - a daughter who is 22 and newly married and a 10 year old son. I found Tae Kwon Do, another life altering experience.

Are you asleep yet? Sure hope not!!! I still carry that rebel of a girl inside of me. I still look for the socially relevant, I still judge people on substance rather than looks or perceptions. I accept people as they are, understand they cannot be perfect and forgive when necessary.

Next up: RANT #1 (hope you don't mind, because I will need to have several)


chic said...

I guess there was a life before, and it doesn't sound boring. Punk to Clay, what a jump!

Anonymous said...

Well, look where I've happened to find you!

I swear I'm not a stalker. Google Alerts brought me here.

Man! I've found out many new stuff about you! It sounds like you've had quite the interesting life, and still a lot more to go.

BTW, happy aniversary.

See you over the OFC.

Lots of Clove


PS: I find it hard to remember my life before Clay too, so don't worry... or do, I don't know...

Carolina Clay said...


You should put a link in your OFC blog so people will know to look for you here. It took a little detective work (i.e., following a comment trail, LOL!) to locate you.

I will add you to my Blogroll at Carolina On My Mind.

Enjoyed reading back through your entries.

Have a great week!