Tuesday, March 4, 2008


This is one of the things that I have learned all about in my journey - blogging.

Blogs can be entertaining, enlightening and enjoyable. Blogs can also be filled with hatred and lies. The biggest drawback is also the best thing about blogs - anyone can do it.

Unfortunately, there are those of the mindset that if they see it on the Internet it must be true. They cannot be more wrong. Even blogs that are connected to legitimate news sites can post rumor, speculation and flat out lies.

In high school I had a teacher who told us never take anything at face value - newspapers, magazines, text books -anything. Always remember that anything in print was written by someone with their own opinions and their own slant (remember what Winston Churchill said - history is written by the victors). Look into it yourself, do the research and form your own opinion.

This blog is meant to be about my journey into the fandom of an amazing man. Along the way I have found wonderful friends and I have rediscovered myself.

It is my hope that you will enjoy my journey as much as I have. If I state something that runs contrary to what you thought you knew - ask questions, do research and learn for yourself.

I have set this blog up so that all comments must be approved. This was not done to censor, but to make sure that offensive words are not posted.

Next up: About me, my life pre-Clay.

but first, let's see if we can get a youtube to work!!! Montage to the song Shine, off of Clay's first CD - Measure of a Man:


LovesClaysVoice said...

Sue, I look forward to reading your blog! BTW, did we have a life pre-Clay? LOL

Aiken4More said...

Way to go Sue! I of course have always been a fan of your blogs and as one of your friends I will follow you here as well. Can't wait to see the pre-Clay blog :-D

darlin' said...

There was a life before Clay?!?!

Two thumbs up,Sue.

chic said...

Nice Blog, I'm sure it was quite an interesting journey and will take a bit of time to tell!

all is well said...

Just dropped in to say how much I'm looking forward to you sharing your journey with us.

Have a great weekend.