Friday, September 23, 2011

Clay Aiken - The Journey Continues

Today marks an anniversary of sorts for fans who have embarked on this amazing journey with Clay Aiken. On September 30, 2008 I wrote and posted a blog titled The Journey to Clay Aiken (I'm not going to repost it, so feel free to click on the link if you're interested).

I started thinking about what my life would have been like had I not chosen to be understanding and sympathetic, but had I chosen the path of anger and resentment.

The first thing I would have lost would have been all of the amazing memories that I had prior to 2008. All of the fantastic times I had, all those wonderful memories, would have been overrun and tainted by anger - how sad.

Second, I would have missed out on creating new memories.......

I would not have laughed at scooters and whistles.

I would not have cried while listening to a wonderful story of a teacher who cared about a lonely little boy, who made a huge impact.

I would not have wondered "what the hell was that!" when I heard Clay's own version of Unchained Melody for the first time - a moment that left me breathless and wanting more.

I would not have had a wonderful girl's weekend in New York City, seeing Spamalot five times in four days - savoring those final days.

I would not know that it's about damn time! or to Bring it On!!!

I would not know that some kids are just.........

I would not have witnessed Clay & Ruben (or is it Ruben & Clay) in all their timeless glory.

I would not have had a Meet & Greet, chatting about the weather.

I would not have visited Raleigh, been inspired by the National Inclusion Project's Champions of Change Gala or tried NC BBQ (and all the trimmings).

I would not have experienced animation, twitterpation and anticipation.

I would have missed out on Clay dancing.

I would have missed out on friends, fun, laughter, tears, anger, excitement and hours of speculation.

But most importantly, I would have missed out being smitten all over again at every photo, every TV appearance, every tour, every blog, every interview. I would have missed out on learning about new causes and continuing my education on making a difference in this ever changing world. I would have missed out on Clay just being Clay, missed out on realizing that he hasn't changed, he's the same caring, talented, funny, intelligent man he was in 2003.

So, for that, I need to say

Clay, thank you - and to quote a book that you brought to my consciousness - "For you, a thousand times over"


musicfan said...

What a beautiful blog. made me smile, laugh, and even cry in this story of wonderful memories.

Thank you for sharing this with us!!

katy said...

We're all so fortunate to share so many memories, because of Mr. Clay Aiken. Many of us spread our wings.

jbc4clay said...

I would not have missed this ride for anything! I feel the same as you. Great memories!

deyabird said...

Wonderful blog. I am so grateful for Clay Aiken and all that he has brought to my life.

Anonymous said...

Incredible set of montages. I've been glued to them for half an hour now and reliving it all. Please let there be many, many more years of memories to be made and let me be around to enjoy them.

chel4clay said...

I can't imagine how my life would be if Clay Aiken had not entered it. I love looking back on these montages and reliving the memories. I hope and pray that we will be seeing and enjoying new memories in the years ahead.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog, Sue -- love your montages too. Made me tear up to think of all the amazing times and memories. thank you! -- ClaysSTO ( Google doesn't like me ) *g*

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly, I chose that other path :-( I do regret it and have gotten back to being a fan again and understanding that Clay is the same man! Thanks for sharing, great blog :-)

SueReu said...

@Anonymous 8:00PM

Welcome Home :-)

and thanks guys - I kind of like this Clay Aiken fellow a bit ;)

clayam said...

Wonderful blog Sue; and I do agree with you that if I had turned away from Clay 3 years ago I would have missed so many new and wonderful memories to cherish!

kta said...

SueRue you are such a great writer as well a montage maker. :) Thank you for a wonderful blog.

Welcome back anonymous. :)

Anonymous said...

pumpkin says thank you suerue your indeed a great writer and your a great montage maker also thanks for the amazzing blog

Anonymous said...

wonderful blog.
my life has been so enriched by Clay.
I was merely going through the motions.
Life has more zest after all these years!

carol cooke said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this wonderful montage Sue.
Tears, smiles, laughter and memories.....sweet memories of
our Clay.

Live-Stereo Music said...

MR.CLAY AIKEN i always love you