Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hugging Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken is one of those people who gives a hug like it SHOULD be given!! Clay hugs without hesitation, warm and with complete sincerity.

There's a poll at The Clay Aiken News Network - which is your favorite Clay hug? Do you have a write in vote?

Here's a video I put together that features a few of those Clay Aiken hugs (just a few).

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clayam said...

AWWWWW I so enjoyed On The Wings Of Love montage, thanks.

My next wish is to get a hug from Clay Aiken.

katy said...

What a good idea for a montage. Think I like the Clay AIken hug when he made the audition cut.

sbleu said...

Is any hug sweeter than when Clay Aiken as a father hugged his son the first time?

lulu said...

Clay Aiken is a hugger. I've not been hugged but touched his hand.

Ashes said...

Clay hugs, that is one of my wishes, to have one ♥

Love your On the Wings of Love video, I featured it in my blog not long ago.

Thanks :)

kallie said...

On The Wings of Love by Clay Aiken was always one of my favs.

ImGranny said...

Great video! Thanks! Clay Aiken loves to give hugs! He is such an affectionate man!

Anonymous said...

Clay is just soooo hug-able!

Carolina Clay said...


Nobody sings or gives hugs like Clay Aiken. Thnx for the "On the Wings of Love" video accompanying your blog.

Have an awesome weekend!


gerra said...

Clay's hugs always look so warm and inviting. I have never had the pleasure of having one. I am not sure I could handle it. I'd probably totally melt into a pile of goo.