Sunday, April 19, 2009

Clay Aiken & Dr. Phil Take on Bullies

On April 19, 2005 Clay Aiken joined Dr. Phil and his son to discuss the topic of bullying. In a powerful show, Clay & Dr. Phil brought to the forefront how devastating bullying can be. Although this show aired four years ago, the topic unfortunately remains a timely one.

For an excellent recap of the show and video of Clay talking to kids being tormented at school, I recommend reading and viewing at The Clay Aiken News Network.

Clay Aiken Meets Dr. Phil

Now for my editorial comment. I teach my children that bullying is never okay. Unfortunately, my job as a parent is made more difficult when making fun of people on television, the radio, movies and on the internet is acceptable behavior. I'm sure Clay Aiken thought that bullying was behind him once he left High School - little did he know that it had just begun and how vicious it could be. Clay is a great role model - he ignores the bullies, holds his head high and continues to live his life. I wish I could be half as strong as he is.

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Shyeyewitness said...

Clay Aiken is a very strong man!!!

Great BLOG!!


hugs, Shy

musicfan said...

The problem of bullying is huge. Thank you for linking to CANN.

jbc4clay said...

Yes, it is a sad thing that bullying is not only in schools but on the internet as well. And as you pointed out on TV. What is sad, it is not only children and teens that do bullying, but also adults. Ones that should be setting an example for our children.

Great blog BTW.

Anonymous said...

Too much bullying in schools and on the internet. Kudos for Dr. Phil and Clay Aiken for discussing such issues and bringing them to light.

PaulaBear said...

That was a great Dr. Phil episode. Clay really helped those kids out!

Carolina Clay said...


Unfortunately, what young people get by with in school continues into adulthood. Not that they are "adult" actions. Great addendum for the CANN entry!

Thank you for always posting in the Carolina entries, too. Have a super week!


Ashes said...

Excellent blog on a very important subject.
Thanks for the reminder of this great show with Clay & Dr. Phil.
Hugs to you SueReu :)