Friday, March 13, 2009

Clay Aiken - A One Year Anniversary

Today is the day that, one year ago, I was on stage with Clay Aiken and several other Knights (oh, This is the KNIGHT!!!). I am feeling the need to go back in time, to a kinder gentler time. Soooooo, I'm reliving MY KNIGHT!!!

March 12, 2008- on Chexxxy's place and notice a post under Spamalot Tickets for sale. Just out of curiosity, I click - and there it is:


for March 13, 2008 (the poor person who was selling it had the flu - which SUCKS!!!!)

I post, I PM and THEN I call my husband. Thank the lord, he said "I don't care, that is why we're going" I had to remind him we were REALLY going for our 24th wedding anniversary (if I say it often enough, it must be true - right?)

SOOOOOOO, I keep checking back and checking back - did I get the ticket???? I FINALLY had to go to bed - 4:00 AM wake up call for our 6:40 flight.

4:00 AM on March 13th. Go out to check the board at my mom and dad's house - the battery on their lap top had died - NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Okay, don't panic, there's free wireless at the airport - you can make it that long.

FINALLY checked in, through security and sitting at a coffee shop. Take out the trusty iTouch and there it is - the PM. YES!!!!!! It appears to be MINE!!!! I went ahead and paid for the ticket (just in case) and waited some more for a PM (stupid on time flight - had to depart).

We land in Minneapolis and whip out the trusty iTouch again. Check my e-mail and YAY!!!! there it is!!!! The ticket for


BLAH BLAH BLAH - flight to NYC, two hour shuttle ride FROM HELL, get to hotel at 7:00 PM, check in, freshen up (well, as fresh as you can be after 9 plus hours of travel) and off to the theatre!!!!!

SPAMALOT is an amazing show - I have always been a Python fan (refer to previous post for my *ahem* life before Clay). Front row is amazing too - you can see the SPIT fly!!!!

For those who don't know, in Spamalot they are searching for The Grail (which just so happens to be on Broadway). They ask God for a clue and a large finger comes from the ceiling and points into the audience.

One of the characters (Patsy, he's the "horse") comes down and says it must be under your seat (A101 in this case), so you have to stand up and BAM there's the grail!!!!

Then you get to sit back down (this part is hard on the knees) and then CLAY says that they should reward the humble peasant (ahhhhhhh) and the actor comes back down and helps you up on stage (which is a good thing, because my knees were shaking - like a lot!!!!)

The king thanks you and asks your name. I told him Sue and he asked my LAST name. I just kind of laughed. He asked again, so I told him - he said "stop kidding, what's your last name"!!!! He did a very good job pronouncing it. THEN they give you the Arthur Award for the Best Peasant in New York - like the academy awards, with an envelope and all.

You get a foot of god statue (it says The Arthur Award, Best Peasant, Monty Python's Spamalot) and you shake hands with everyone.

Clay reached out and when I reached out, he took his hand away. Then he reached out again, and I took MY hand away - we did connect (and his glove was sooooooo SOFT!!!!!). Then he kneels right down in front of you and the cast sings a thank you song. At one point they all look right at you and blast out the words and you can FEEL their breath on you!!! (as a matter of fact, when they were singing to the Peasant on Saturday, you could see her hair move).


Last time I posted this blog, I included my peasant picture *yawn*. This time I'm including a redone Find Your Grail video (stupid youtube took the original one down). This is the only place this can be seen - hope you all enjoy!!

oh, and one funny story. The next day we went to the Empire State Building. A man in line looked at me and said "you're our peasant from Spamalot last night!!!" He introduced me to the rest of his group, said he had a wonderful time that the cast was spectacular and how impressed he was with a certain Mr. Clay Aiken.


jbc4clay said...

A memory to keep and relive!

Love the video Sue!

Carolina Clay said...


What a wonderful "Spamalot" memory! I thoroughly enjoyed reliving your anniversary trip and peasant experience in this blog entry. Great read!

Have an awesome weekend!


Ashes said...

Sue! What a wonderful memory to have, I loved reading it, and seeing the video again.

Thanks for the memories!
hugs, Ashes

Shyeyewitness said...

LOVE it!!! Great story and as usual, your montage's are fantastic!

Thank-you for the memories!!

Anonymous said...

Clay has brought us so many wonderful memories in the past 6 years hasn't he? I am looking forward to having many many more memories.


Anonymous said...

Loved seeing that again Sue. I never would have gone to New York for anything if Clay had not been in Spamalot. We had a blast! He can sing and dance and often at the same time!


musicfan said...

Sue.........I love your memory. I sat in the same seat a few months late and was the peasant too. It is so much fun!!

Thanks for reminding us of the fun times!!!

CCOL4HIM said...

Awesome story! Sounds like a lot of fun! Take care and God bless. Love always Cynthia AKA Crazy4ClaynTN on the OFC