Monday, September 8, 2008

You're Never Alone at a Clay Aiken Concert

One of the many lessons I have learned on my journey to Clay is that you are NEVER alone at Clay Aiken concert! I am relatively new to the internet fan base (was on the boards during and right after AI2, but that's another story) and had I known this fact, I would not be playing Clay concert catch up.

Clay Aiken fans are amazing - they are friendly and outgoing. They'll talk to you, sit with you, and share with you. They'll offer you rides and tickets to the next venue.

The first concert I went to was the 2006 Joyful not a Tour. I was lucky enough to be at the Merrillville concert with Clay fans from all over the country. My particular group included fans from Oregon, California and Illinois. Clay absolutely took my breath away. Not only was his voice amazing (I sat there with my mouth hanging open - the difference live versus recorded is something to behold) but he was SO FUNNY!! It was, without a doubt, the most enjoyable concert I had ever been to (and I'm not a big fan of Christmas music, so this is saying A LOT).

Other than THE NOTE, one of my favorite memories of this concert were all the fans sitting in the lobby after the show - uploading pictures and videos. Touching base with friends all over the internet (and all over the world). This was probably the concert that coined the phrase "he nailed it!" People were laughing, hugging and catching up. It a wonderful sight to behold and served to solidify my love of all things Clay. Any man who can generate that much excitement, who can attract so many caring individuals in one spot is someone very special.

Seven concerts and four Spamalots later, Clay is still taking my breath away and the people I have met through him continue to be the some of the most awesome individuals I have ever met. I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends - some as close as the other side of town and others as far away as England and Australia. While I may never get the opportunity meet them all face-to-face, I consider them my family.

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actually, we'll try this anyway - newest montage - Sacrificial Love - Casablanca - Clay Aiken *sigh*


musicfan said...

Great Blog!! I agree that each performance given by Clay Aiken is a gem and each one seems to get better.

katy said...

I love Sacrificial Love and Casablanca.....that's real. drama. Maybe Clay Aiken can star in a remake.

jbc4clay said...

Oh, someday - someday I hope to experience what you just described.
But, alas - everytime Mr. Aiken was close to my neighborhood, something happened.

Clay's fans are really amazing people with hearts of gold.

Ashes said...

Sue-You nailed it! Casablanca is perfect for Clay Aiken's Sacrificial Love. It's another favourite movie of mine, I always cry, and did here too.

I can hardly wait to see Clay again. My one & only was 2005 JNT, I was in total aw of that man on the stage. I haven't had the privledge--yet--of a live concert tour. I know it will be awesome.

Thank you for the wonderful blog.

sbleu9 said...

Clay Aiken is unbelievable on stage. Don't miss seeing him.

Anonymous said...

Love your Casablanca montage using the Clay Aiken song Sacrificial Love!


PaulaBear said...

I always come away from a Clay Aiken concert with the biggest smile on my face! His fans really love him, and he never disappoints once he takes the stage!

Rhode Island Fan said...

sue, You are so right about never being alone at a Clay Aiken concert. Drove four hours each way by myself to go to the SRHP concert and had the time of my life. Was not alone once I got there--met so many wonderful fans.

Anonymous said...

I understand what you mean about Clay Aiken fans. These are some of the most generous people I've ever met. They know the meaning of inclusion and you feel part of the "fan family" immediately. The media sure gives the fans a bad rap.

Carolina Clay said...


Many Clay Aiken fans could have written this blog because it is so true. All I have to do is insert different states and concert locales, and this is my story, too.

Thnx for a great read!


marhaven said...

The Casablanca video is great! And, you are right, you are never alone at a Clay Aiken concert. I have gone by myself and have never ended up alone - I always run into someone I "know"!!!

Thanks for all the wonderful montages. And, thanks for the mention!!

claniac24 said...

SueRue, what a lovely blog. You brought tears to my eyes with your Clay fan recollections. It's true. The Claymates are the most delightful, warm, loving group I've ever encountered and I'm so proud to be part of this group.

Anonymous said...

I've attended many Clay Aiken concerts since he stepped off the Idol stage & have loved every one of them for different reasons. He is such an overall entertainer!!

Anonymous said...

How true that you're never alone in the Clay Aiken fandom. There's always someone to pick you up.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful montage!

Anonymous said...

Clay Aiken totally rocks in concert!! I haven't met many fans yet, but just seeing the man himself gets me on the road each tour. I have found the experience impossible to adequately describe to non fans, I just try to drag them along whenever possible. He never fails to win them over. Great blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Clay fans are the best.

Lee said...

Clay Aiken live in concert . There is nothing like it !