Monday, September 22, 2008

All Hail Sir Robin as Clay Aiken Returns to Spamalot has a wonderful article about Clay Aiken's return to Spamalot!!

Clay started in Spamalot Redeux on September 19th and runs through January 4th.

Clay Aiken has again brought the magic back to Broadway!!!

All Hail Sir Robin

If you were taking a cab across 44th Street on September 19, chances are it wasn't cheap. With Daniel Radcliffe appearing down the block in previews for Equus, the sidewalks got even more crowded with fans and onlookers, thanks to Clay Aiken's splashy return to Spamalot. After leaving the show in April (and becoming a father last month), the pop phenom reassumed the role of Sir Robin and brought down the house with his seemingly effortless performance and an ace rendition of "You Won't Succeed on Broadway." Aiken's signed on through January 4, so if you missed him the first time, here's your chance to be impressed. And trust us, the guy's pretty darn amazing.

Photos by Jenny Anderson/

Pictures of Clay Aiken's triumphant return!!


jbc4clay said...

I so agree with this statement!

"And trust us, the guy's pretty darn amazing."

We have known that all along!

Anonymous said...

He's amazing and mighty purdy.

Traveler on Life's Path said...

Clay Aiken has taken Broadway by storm yet again!

Anonymous said...

WoW! Just WOW!!! Just got back from two days in NYC seeing Clay Aiken in Spamalot....take a plane or a train or walk if you have to...just get there to see it!


Carolina Clay said...

SueReu, cerainly captured the triumphant return of Clay Aiken to Spamalot. Thank you for featuring the report in your blog. Great new montage from you, too!

Also, many thnx for your kind remarks in the new Carolina entry.

Have a super week!


Ashes said...

An excellent report you chose to feature. I'm enjoying Knights again, great montage :)
May our dear Clay continue to shine on stages everywhere.