Saturday, August 9, 2008


HE'S HERE!!! Just about the sweetest thing I've read!!! Clay Aiken and Jaymes Foster welcomed their new baby boy, Parker Foster Aiken, on 08/08/08 at 08:08 am. He was 6 pounds, 2 ounces and 19 inches long. Clay, Jaymes and Parker are doing well and Clay's fans are ECSTATIC!!!!

Here are a few comments that have been posted by Clay's fans:

"When the Olympic ceremonies began last night at 8:08 edt, (exactly 12 hours after the real ceremony) I suddenly realized that Parker entered our world at the exact moment in time that those fabulous fireworks were exploding in Beijing! It would appear that, just like his daddy, the kid really knows how to make a dramatic entrance!!!"
"I was thrilled beyond belief that, just shortly after Parker's birth, Clay chose to make sure that his fans were the first to know of Parker's arrival."
"I am so thrilled for Clay and Jaymes I could just explode!!! Reading his blog it brought back all the memories of first time parenthood. The joy, the worry, the extreme and unconditional love the first time you see that wonderful face. The first time they grab your finger. Their sweet toes. That little spot right at the back of their neck that's so soft and smells so wonderful.

I wish both Clay and Jaymes all of those moments and all of those memories. I wish them happiness. I wish them the privacy to enjoy Parker without the extra worry of the press. I wish for just one little picture, just one"
"In 2006 Clay Aiken went to hell and back with the smear campaign that was rentless in an attempt to destroy him. Jaymes was obviously a source of comfort and strength to him during that time. The liner notes on ATDW spell out pretty clearly what she means to him. Clay has been hounded by the press and OTT fans for the better part of 5 years. I recall during the middle of 2006 many of us just wanted him to find be in a peaceful place with people who LOVE him. He obviously has found such a person in Jaymes. I would consider them true soul mates based on my observations. Clay has had problems with trust wonder! To have found someone who shares his life view and gives him unconditional love and support makes for a great union. This child is blessed to come into the arms of two committed, loving people who have a united desire to have a child and create a nurturing home for him. I call it love of the highest order and am happy that Clay has finally experienced the full force of it. We have NO idea all the troubles he has faced in recent years. What we do know is he is honest, decent and trying hard to live a life of service to others. He deserves my respect...and has it. Through example he continually shows how one person can make a positive difference in the world. Parker is lucky to have him as a father and Jaymes is blessed to have him as a parenting partner. Such joy they must feel! I hope they always remain as happy as they must be today."
"WOOHOO!!! for Clay, Parker, and Jaymes. Clapping Clapping Clapping I am so very excited for them. And...that is an amazing birthdate, isn't it...I, too, wonder what it will mean astrologically... hee. ...So glad that he's arrived healthy and apparently with Clay's and Jaymes' privacy intact so far. I pray that this joyful time will be respected. And...most of all, I hope Clay realizes how much our love for him remains unabated."

"Let's go with what we see on the latest facial expression of Clay...utter joy... let us celebrate the beautiful intersection of love that we feel with him, each other and the Clay Nation as a whole... for the bond which exists in this fan base is unprecedented... and will be the subject of study by social scientists someday, of that I am certain. Clay fans and Clay himself share a distinctive trait...we come from love, we do!...and I am so glad to be a participant in this wondrous assembly."

"I am thrilled with the growth I've seen/heard in Clay. I am delighted that Clay continues to forge his own path- to maintain his individuality and integrity, and keep a zone of privacy for his personal preserve that vital balance which, to me, frees him to share his extraordinary gifts with us as he make's his journey. It is my honor to be in some small part a companion, as his fan, along the way."
and my own thoughts (I do much better with pictures than with words):

One more thought (something for us all)

"It's not only children who grow. Parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours. I can't tell my children to reach for the sun. All I can do is reach for it, myself". ~Joyce Maynard
How about leaving your own good wishes for this new family? Your comments and well wishes are welcome!


tnmtmama said...

The very best wishes for the new Aiken clan, Clay, Jaymes, and Parker! have a wonderful life, Parker, and Clay and Jaymes, enjoy every minute of it!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and much love to Clay, Jaymes and Parker! May you all be blessed with much love, good health and happiness! God Bless you all. I'm sure your families are ecstatic!

Clay and Jaymes, you will be terrific parents and Parker will be so loved. Enjoy every second because these wee ones grow up way too fast.

Best Wishes and much love to you all!

Deb said...

Well I am also one who is thrilled that Clay and Jaymes have a beautiful son together. I loved reading all those heartfelt congrats to the new parents.
Parker Foster Aiken (what a beautiful name)
He is one lucky baby to be the son of two amazing loving parents.

Anonymous said...

Clay will be a wonderful father and with Jaymes will raise a son with love in a great environment. I'm so thrilled for them and wish them the best.

Anonymous said...

I was so excited about Parker's arrival that I called everyone I knew. Even people I know that don't follow Clay on a regular basis are thrilled for him and for Jaymes.

I want to send my heartfelt congratulations and warmest wishes to Clay and Jaymes. Parker is one lucky little boy to have you both as parents. He is going to have an amazing life- filled with tons of love.

What a joyful time this is!

Peace and many blessings to you all!



txfan said...

I am so happy for Jaymes and Clay to have this precious little boy in their lives. Parker is a blessed child be have two parents filled with so much love for him.
What a great adventure the three of you are just beginning.

always and forever said...

Heartfelt congratulations to Clay, Jaymes, and their beautiful little boy!

What a wonderful event, what a wonderful time, what a wonderful blessing for all of them.

Anonymous said...

Heartiest Congratulations! Beautiful parents, beautiful baby. Many blessings and love to you all.

Anonymous said...

I'm just thrilled that Clay is a dad. This baby is going to be soooooo spoiled.

auntie kim

Oh Crap said...

I can't think of a better idea for a montage to welcome the newest little superstar. The first Clay montage I saw in 2003 was "Beautiful Boy".

Anonymous said...

I've read many positive happy wishes from fans, they far outweigh any of the negative comments. It's too bad people like to focus on the negative. Having a baby is a miracle and a joy for the family and the new parents.kctxn

Diana said...

Clay Aiken was born to be a daddy. Jaymes has a son. What is more beautiful than that? Congrats to the Clay Aiken family,Clay,Jaymes and Parker. May you grow strong and wise---------and sing as well as your father.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the elated Jaymes and Clay. God's most precious gift has been bestowed upon them. May Parker grow into the wonderful man that his dad has become, and may God grant him his mom and dad's talents. I am thrilled for them.
Thank you for a BEAUTIFUL POST!!

Anonymous said...

Parker is one lucky and blessed little boy. Clay and Jaymes share a love that is enviable by any standards. This child will know what it means to love and be loved; he will never need to doubt that. I have had nothing but joy in my heart for Clay and Jaymes since learning of this news. My congratulations to them and best wishes as they, together, introduce this beautiful baby to our world.

Diane said...

What a beautiful blog and montage.

Count me in the huge number of Clay fans who are over the moon with the birth of baby Parker.

It's so nice to see the message boards rejoicing over the news.

Here's wishing Jaymes, Clay and Parker a lifetime of joy.

gerra said...

I have been smiling for two days straight, since I heard the news that baby Parker has arrived. Clay seems to be immensely happy, and this makes me happy. I am so touched that Clay told his fans first. I am thrilled that Jaymes was able to give birth without the paparazzi on her door step. She must be a pretty special person for Clay to welcome his first child with her. Clay has so much love to give and is meant to be a father. This child is loved beyond measure, of this I have no doubt.

With all my love Clay, Jaymes and Parker Congratulations.

musicfan said...

Parker is one lucky baby. He was born to two very loving parents who want him very badly.

I send my best wishes and love to the new family.

LovesClaysVoice said...

Great blog and montage Sue! The love just shines through!

Congratulations to Clay and Jaymes! There is nothing in this world more wonderful than a newborn baby! Best wishes to you both!

jbc4clay said...

Wonderful post Sue!

I too congratulate Clay and Jaymes and Welcome to Our World Parker! You will be loved beyond words.

Nightowl said...

Great Blog!! Congratulations to
Clay&Jaymes, Grandma Faye, Uncle Brett,and The Foster Family on the arrival of little Parker Foster Aiken!! Enjoy every precious minute of it!!

Anonymous said...

It's evident that Clay & Jaymes love each other very much and now they have a precious bundle of joy to shower with their love.

Welcome Parker Foster Aiken!!!

You have a multitude of aunties and nanas in CLay Nation who love you so!

Ashes said...

How wonderful to read and share in the delight of the arrival of Parker Foster Aiken--love his name!
Congratulations to Clay and Jaymes on this birth of a miracle baby.

Thank you SueReu, beautiful blog, beautiful montage.

Martigyrl said...

Just knowing how much love abounds for Parker, from his surrounding family, is cause for such celebration. All I see, are some very happy, very loving parents,who've been waiting for this little bundle of joy for their lifetime.

IamMesmerized said...

I am thrilled for Clay and Jaymes and their new arrival. Parker is one of the luckiest little guys in the world to have two such loving and giving parents. Clay has given so much love to other children and now he has one of his very own to shower his love upon. With all the wonderful work he has done, no one deserves happiness more than Clay. Welcome to our world little Parker. We'll love you just as much as we love your Daddy.

Robin(cali) said...

Sue, what a wonderful tribute to Clay's new bundle of joy! You and others have expressed so much of what I feel. I am so happy for Clay and Jaymes. And, I know little Parker is one lucky little boy. I only wish this new family all the best. God Bless them!

serendipity said...

Clay Aiken loves children and will be a wonderful father. Jaymes is also a special person. Together they will be good parents to Parker. God bless this family.