Sunday, April 27, 2008


We're almost there - D-Day to Clay Aiken's new CD - On My Way Here!!!!

Clay Aiken Spills the Beans!!!

Clay has recorded a fantastic 4th CD, " On My Way Here". Check it out HERE!!!!

Chexxxy's Pearls Clay Aiken Spills the Beans

Check out Clay talking about the process, the songs and a little bit about Spamalot!!!!

The first video is particularly interesting!!! Lots of good information!! I was especially interested in the part about song sharing - like Invisible had been released in the UK (which I did know) and that there were several songs on Kelly Clarkson's first CD had been released overseas first (which I did not know). I find stuff like that fascinating (I know, I need to get a life)



I'm LOVING what I've heard so far on this CD!!!!! I'm especially looking forward to Ashes!!!!


always and forever loving clay aiken said...

Thank YOU for the WRAL interviews!!

Sometimes it's depressing to read the negative viral crap that gets printed about Clay. It is utterly astounding how unscrupluous media and journalists take his words and twist them to fit their own biased views.

It is so very refreshing to see and hear a first hand interview with him, speaking directly and from the heart about his jouney and the songs reflected in OMWH, that tells me again that Clay is exactly the person he says he is.

These two interviews CLEARLY put things into perspective and makes me even more excited to get this CD in my hot little hands as quickly as possibe.

redca40 said...

I can't wait for this cd and to see Clay perform them live tomorrow night!

Anonymous said...

The interviews that Clay has had promoting OMWH are very informative and he is telling his story and life in the past 5 years. He is the man he says he is and that is a very good man. Can't wait to hear his album or originals reflecting the past years.

Anonymous said...

I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS CD! So far, my favorite song is "Draw the Line", but everything on it sounds great.

kielbasa said...

Sue, it's too dang bad you can't be just a little bit excited about this new CD.

...tells me again that Clay is exactly the person he says he is.

He is the man he says he is...

Yes and amen.